Fine Art, Portraiture and Landscape photography


Photography and modeling are developing forms of art. Photographs give us powerful feelings and we communicate with each other through looks as old as time.  To stop the eternal and timeless is a truly incomprehensible act and yet we produce this magic at the click of a button.  Models and photographers are like ancient messengers that carry a very important message in any way they can. 


We create mysteries just as we try to solve them.  There are stories that are too long to be told and there are looks that seem to say it all.  I love photography because it allows us the idea that we can pause this ceaseless world and experience the eternal and the infinite if only for a moment.  Photographs can give us a longing or the memory of something that we have forgotten long ago.  Sometimes they inspire new thinking, or they may fascinate and puzzle us.  They are portals as surely as the gates and doors that we pass through.  Some images seem to have a power of their own, neither the sole creation of the model or the photographer but a bit of sorcery between them.  Images of people can inspire the imagination and suggest altogether new stories just as they may give us a glimpse into some of the stories they carry with them.  


Landscapes tell the stories of the past, the mythic and eternal.  In some ways, landscapes are more personal than portraits and give anchorage to our wandering dreams.  The immensity and beauty of our world can remind us of what we cannot explain to each other and nature saves us from disappearing into the void and forgetting who we are.  


Sometimes it all feels illusory but images provide us with clues in curious ways.  A momentary understanding of something impossible to comprehend.  

The female nude has been a popular source of inspiration since the earliest forms of visual art.  The nude evokes our creation myths as well as the possibilities of the timeless.  There is an honesty and sincerity to the nude.  Models exhibit a daring that is fascinating and inspiring in its own right.  Strength, vulnerability, power.  Models teach us in incredible ways and their art is a sacred one.  


The beauty of women is all around you.  You may see her forms in rocks or the waves or the sky or the flowers.  Take a good look for she is our world and you may never see her again.