Model for me!


Models are the major focus of my photographic work.  Models inspire me and this is what I love.  


I work with models of all experience levels.  I am available for portfolio development, boudoir, commercial or private for collection commission work.


I shoot limited trade for shared commercial use content or artistic nudes.


I am available for hire as a photographer/editor.  My current rates:

$100/hr (10 edited images per hour and full proof sets)

Add unedited HD and 4K video for $50/hr

I can also provide, prints, albums, comp cards and other physical products for an additional cost


I am seeking models for a number of print and video projects.


If you are a new model, I can help with portfolio development and can shoot shared use content that you can use commercially.


If you are a full time traveling or professional model, I sometimes hire models for specific projects or if you are on tour and headed my way. (Currently in the bay area, California)  Feel free to reach out with your rates or your travel availability notices. I try and support full time models however and whenever I can as my budget allows.

If you are a model that I have already worked with, I will give you preference for paid work and repeat shoots.  If we already know each other, please reach out, I'd love to shoot again!

If you would like to book third party work through me, I can help arrange bookings for a 20% commission.  If you would like to help develop your model profile page on my website or want help with promotion, please let me know and we can collaborate.  


I am seeking model/interns who are interested in expanding their technical and industry knowledge and experience.  I am especially interested in collaborative projects, shared revenue scenarios and full teams for production or publication.  If you are interested in networking or building a career as an artist, please let me know.  I want to work with you!

- Dashiell