Digital proof sets are full unedited collections of images from a photo shoot.  Proof sets give you a view of the shoot as a whole and a look at the images before they are altered  (minor cosmetic retouching may be used in the case of acne, bruising, scratches etc but this is not guaranteed).  Photos will have the original coloring and appearance.


Proof sets are great for models, collectors and anyone who appreciates the artistic process and a peak behind the curtain.  Some sets contain thousands of images.  The images in some sets have been reduced in total quantity in a series of selection drafts, others are untouched.  Sets that have been reduced will be noted, otherwise they can be considered complete.


I have always been a volume shooter and now I have become an avid editor.  This presents a quandary as I would like to share more of my work but do not have time to edit it all.  Offering proof sets allows me to share more of my work (with the disclaimer that it is mostly unedited), and is the most affordable way to collect larger volumes of my work.


In general, my image pricing depends on a number of criteria.  Proof sets will be the overall lowest in cost on a per image basis.