The Island of Lost Flower 

is an ongoing project and my current focus.

The idea for the project grew out of some drawings and comics but the goal is to make a film with high production values.


This project will be shot in a variety of locations, especially those with beaches, a coastline or natural locations 'Inland', like waterfalls, rivers, forests, etc.


This story is multifaceted but is a fantasy, an allegory and a mystery.  There are various storylines and some overarching themes.  


This is an erotic story and the central part of the 'Trilogy'.  If the 'Trilogy' (Outlast Inland, The Island of Lost Flower, Endlantis) were a triptych, the 'Island' would be in the middle.  

The story concerns ideas of time and timelessness, divisions between the sexes and those between 'nature' and 'technology.

The story itself involves an island which appears to be only inhabited by women.  The story plays homage to some popular themes from history and pop culture.  

Central Themes:


Erotic and Sexual Themes

Masculine/Feminine Energies  (Nature and the world of Men/world of women), Technology, Artificiality 

A lost island/lost world (the mysterious island, jurassic world, xanadu, z)

A plane crash (Lost, Alive, Castaway, Lord of the Flies)


A wild natural world mostly without the technologies of 'Modern Man'

An eternal matriarchy




'Cave' Men

The 'world' of this story connects with the 'real' world (Outlast Inland) and another 'fantasy world' (Endlantis)

The 'primitive' and the 'natural'

This storyline takes on themes of morality, art, philosophy and mythology

There are strong sexual currents and pervasive nudity which borders between sexual and artistic/natural.

There are some explicit and adult scenes but the story as a whole looks beyond these, even as it explores them.


The story will progress further to take on ideas about humanity itself and the true nature of the world that we live in.  As the story continues towards the third installment of the trilogy (Endlantis), the story will begin to move off of the island and into the sea beyond and the sky/stars above.  Another world impossible to perceive from where we stand.


There is also the mystery of Flower who is lost and of the many flowers of this lost world and the stones and rocks that keep them company.


An underlying story theme is the ancient war between the Amazons and Atlantis.

Casting actresses, performers and models.  

There are a number of specific roles but the three major role categories I am casting for are:

Natives - Native women (any ethnicity) - nude

Pirates - some armor (leather, steel etc.) and weapons (swords, daggers, guns etc)

Survivors/New Arrivals (Regular world clothes/uniforms)


Paid and Trade shoots available!


Book a shoot now or plan something for the future (This is an ongoing project and may involve some travel opportunities and on location shooting)


Must be 18+ (Nudity required)


Please send a link to your portfolio/credits/imdb etc or just a few pictures and some info about your interest and your availability.


Contact me here or by email:  [email protected]