Tour Schedule:

Hop on or off the tour anywhere!  Send me a message to coordinate travel if you'd like to collaborate.  We are still working out tour dates/locations.

Current Location:  Santa Cruz, CA

Summer 2018 May-July  Currenntly planning on haunting the Santa Cruz boardwalk and the Cali coast this summer before leaving on tour this Fall.  

Plan: I plan on being here through the Spring.  I may make a base here but will continue to travel.

I am also considering short international trips to Chiang Mai, Thailand or Medellin, Colombia during that time.  



For the Fall tour I am currently looking at a Southern Pacific Route:

San Francisco to Easter Island or Tahiti, then Fiji, Bali, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, Jakarta, Borneo, Singapore and Kuala Lumpur on the way to Thailand.

2-6 months Island Hopping (South Pacific/Southeast Asia)

6 months (Thailand, Cambodia, Laos and Vietnam)

1-3 months (Madagascar)

2-6 months (Africa - I would like to follow the Nile from Addis Ababa to Cairo in Egypt)  I would be willing to start further south to see Lake Victoria and more of the Nile.

2-6 months (Eastern Europe) - Eurail passes, Transylvania, Czech Republic, Montenegro, Albania, Croatia, Bulgaria, Greece, Romania etc.

2-6 months (Western Europe) - Spain, Italy, France, Amsterdam, Ireland, Scotland, Wales



Current Availability:  Semi-Open 7 days



I love to travel!  If you would like to tour with me or meet up along the way, drop me a line, I'd love to hear from you.  I'm interested in meeting other artists, models and adventure seeking nomads.  

I travel frequently and have no fixed abode.  I have a passport and like to use it.  Want to plan a whirlwind trip around the world? I'm your man?  Want to be an international touring model with a personal photographer?  Let's do it!  Want to spend a month in Jamaica, a week in Latin America or a year in Oceania?

I am currently based in the Bay Area of California (Santa Cruz) an am interested in exploring and shooting locally.  

I am down for day trips, weekend getaways, roadtrips, cheap flights, cruises, work trades, surf trips, working vacations, parties, research, exploration!

Want to trade travel tips?  I have traveled extensively in the US and lived on both coasts and abroad.  I have traveled extensively in S. America (Colombia, Brazil, Bolivia, Peru and Ecuador) and lived on the continent for 11 months in 2011.  I have been as far east as France/Switzerland and as far west as Easter Island.

I have driven through central Mexico and been stranded in the Turks and Caicos.  I have dug ditches in the Peruvian Amazon for $2/hr and worked in Vegas with the rich and famous.  I am pretty much down for anything and love to share the road for stretches when I can.


Current Travel Goals:

West of Easter Island (Oceania and the South Pacific)

Southeast Asia


North Africa (Ethiopia to Egypt)

Eastern Europe

Middle East


I love any excuse to travel, revisit favorite places or discover new ones.